10 Ways to Winterize Your Home


    1. Lower Your Water Heater’s Temperature

    Most household water heaters are typically set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but most households only need a setting of 120 degrees to be comfortable.  According to Business Insider, lowering your water heater by 20 degrees will save about 6% to 10% on your bills!

    2. Change Your Furnace Filters

    Dirty filters limit airflow.  By changing your filters regularly, you can improve your heating system’s efficiency and lifespan.  Using reusable furnace filters can also save you some extra $$$.

    3. Install Draft Guards

    According to the US Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use!  Using draft guards can help save not only heat but also money!

    4. Utilizing the Power of the Sun

    Keep your curtains open during the say to naturally warm your home.  But don’t forget to close your blinds at night to keep that heat!

    5. Install a Window Insulation Kit

    Essentially just a plastic screen, this adds, an extra buffer against the cold drafts but doesn’t cost as much as adding another window pane to your existing windows.

    6. Plug Your Chimney

    Many people forget about this gaping hole in your home, the chimney!  If you’re not actively using it this winter, plug it up with a chimney balloon, to make sure that all of your hard earned heat doesn’t go to waste!

    7. Put on a Sweater

    Layer up!  Quick, easy, and it doesn’t cost a dime!

    8. Open All Lower Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

    This allows for warm air to flow into the pipes.

    9. Blow Out Your Sprinkler System

    This will blow all of the water from your pipes to prevent freezing.  Contact a landscaper or sprinkler service company to schedule this.

    10. Cover Pipes & Outdoor Spigots

    This will further protect your pipes from freezing.

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