7 Essential Apps for Homeowners

    A couple weeks ago we took you on a journey to find out which are the best apps for home buyers.  Today we are back to share with you the best apps out today for homeowners!

    7 Essential Apps for Homeowners

    1. iScape

    iScapeiScape 2

    My mother is an avid gardener and she loves this app.  iScape lets your plan and re-plan your dream garden without the need to invest large amounts of money!  Take a picture of your garden and then design your perfect landscape in that picture.  Add a rose garden, add a shrubbery, take out a shrubbery; it is all available to you to do as you please!  Planning on how your landscaped yard will look has never been easier!

    2. ColorSmart by BEHR

    ColorSmart-Behr01 ColorSmart-Behr02

    Developed by the high quality paint manufacturer, BEHR Corporation, this app lets you pick the perfect color for a room with ease.  All you have to do is take a picture of the room, select a color from their color palletes, and then the app will show you what the room would look like with that color choice!  If you want to match a color of another room, you can do that as well with the color match functionality.  And because they supply Home Depot, you can just run over and they will have the custom color mixed for you!

    3. HomeSavvy

    home-savvy2 home savvy 1

    Home maintenance is one of those tasks that we all leave to be done later but is immensely important. Never again miss a maintenance task with this app.  After putting in simple details about the home, this app will generate a calendar for when you should do simple home maintenance tasks.  Now you there is no possibility of forgetting something!

    4. Handy Man DIY

    handyman diy handyman diy 2

    If you love remodeling and DIY renovations, you will wonder how you have lived without this app.  An all in one shopping list, measurement helper, and step-by-step project guide, this one app is everything you need to do it yourself!

    5. Home Interior Layout Designer – Mark On Call

    home interior layout designer 2home interior layout designer

    An amazing app that lets you plan and layout your renovations extremely easily.  Simply put in your rooms dimensions and the dimensions of your furniture and then play around with moving the items in whatever way you see fit.  No more moving furniture around only to move it again a different way.  This also allows for a material list and a quick idea guide all in an easy to use interface.

    6. Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine

    lowe's creative ideas mag1 lowe's creative ideas mag

    Rated #1 free app in Apple’s Home & Garden App store, this app gives you so many amazing home and garden ideas.  From how to decorate your powder room to ideas on what and how to garden, your home will be a blank canvas ready for your imagination to run wild.

    7. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

    Houzz 2Houzz

    The New York Times rated this app #1 on its list of “best apps for home improvement”.  A must have for those who want to both discover design ideas and see them come into fruition, this app lets you look at home interior photos, identify items with green tags, and allows you to actually buy them right there in the app.  You can also connect with over 800,000 active home improvement professionals, from architects to contractors to designers and more.

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