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    Architecture Guide – American Craftsman + 5 Beautiful Craftsman Listings

    After exploring the beautiful neighborhoods of Seattle and the Eastside, have you ever found yourself stuck trying to describe to a friend or family member about the captivating form and craftsmanship of the homes ?  It’s easy to be enthralled by the gorgeous homes, and every mark of clean craftsmanship should be celebrated, but sometimes it is tricky to distinguish between styles.  Let The Deol Group help!

    Click through this guide to become a master in identifying Craftsman style homes!  Next week we’ll take a look at Tudor style homes!

    The American Craftsman

    Developed with an emphasis for simplicity of form, local natural materials, and visibility of handicraft, the American Craftsman architectural style gained popularity in the early 1900s.  Gaining its name from the Gustav Stickley’s magazine, The Craftsman, the architect, furniture designer, and magazine publisher said of the style “a house reduced to its simplest form, it’s low, broad proportions and absolute lack of ornamentation gives it a character so natural and unaffected that it seems to blend with any landscape.”

    The American Craftsman is often characterized by its

    • Overhanging eaves
    • Low gabled roof
    • A wide front porch, often showing exposed beams and column
    • Hand-crafted stone or wood work
    • Living room fireplace
    • Built-ins in the form of cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and sometimes a breakfast nook.

    Some examples of the American Craftsman style can be seen in these 5 beautiful Zillow listings, all located in Bellevue, WA


    In Clyde Hill – Notice the exposed beams, the low roof, and overhanging eaves, all characteristics of the traditional craftsman.



    The large wrap porch, the gabled roofs, and the columns give it away!



    Check out the large porch and the overhanging eaves on this beautiful west Bellevue home!



    The intricate wood and stone work along with the overhanging eaves are classic craftsman.



    Again the stone work is exquisite and the mix of hip and gabled roof is unconventionally craftsman.


    *all photos are taken from their Zillow listings, it is not our work nor do we claim it to be*

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